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European Green Deal

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 Multi-Aspect Project Approach:
Technical  &  Investment  &  Financial
Multi-level Financial, Planning and Management:
Investment + M&V + O&M Projects' Stages

Multi-Assets Aggregation In A Single Project

Fast, Efficient & User-friendly
Hours instead of days project processing 
Days instead of weeks for investment & funding decision making

Dramatic Projects Time & Transaction Cost Reduction

Easy Access

In hours after payment of the user fee/time or project

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Our Vision and Mission

As investment projects financiers, we know how important it is to achieve climate neutrality in a healthy mode and reasonable time. But we rule out options for this transformation to hamper economic growth and the general well-being of society.

OUR VISION: The world should become climate neutral without jeopardizing the economy by pursuing the economic value, however, wherever and whenever possible.

FFG is our contribution to cost-effective and faster decarbonization. As a first-of-kind climate finance tech solution, it can bring an enormous economy of scale to the ecosystem.

OUR MISSION: To support climate finance majors by helping more energy optimization and small-scale renewable projects get financed and realized. 


  • To turn the climate mitigation projects' complexity into easy and simple operations.

  • To facilitate private financial institutions, surging their interest in climate funding because it is neither always unprofitable nor high-risk.

  • To promote Smart green finance and make it a common practice on a single project basis.

Let us help make your projects realized the best way, adjusted financially to fit each project's specifics and cash flows.

Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

  • FIN for GREEN

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