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SOFTWARE as a Service (SaaS)

Financial Analytics & Financial Planning & Financial Management

Projects for Buildings: Energy Efficiency & Small-scale RES








What is the purpose of FINforGREENESCO?


To Improve the Business of ESCOs & Their Projects` Results, at a Substantial Costs Reduction.


How does FFG do this?


FFGESCO converts the engineering concepts into bankable projects, answering the questions:

  • Can an energy-efficiency project be cost-effective, i.e., bankable?

  • How to improve its risk-return profile?

  • How to fund a project the best way to minimize the ESCO's resources and increase its profit while providing the Client's best service?


FFGESCO automates, facilitates, and speeds up informed & grounded decision-making to structure, finance, and implement the projects

FFGESCO  optimizes ESCO's equity and loan exposures utilization planning and Management


FFGESCO De-risks projects and Optimizes the business performance of ESCO by:

  • Substantial reduction of the transaction costs per Project: time, efforts, staff, outsourced financial services

  • Preventing wrong financial decisions & more successful mitigation of the ESCO's financial risks

  • ESCO executes more projects and generates more business because of the operations' optimization and better projects` planning

FFGESCO relieves and  improves  the ESCO's access to finance


FFGESCO Major Features

  • The Software is developed for ESCOs and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Mechanism (Third-party Financing)

  • Each Project may consist of one or more buildings (aggregation)

  • FFGESCO  is for both shallow and deep renovation projects

  • Small-scale Renewables : On-site the buildings or Off-site

  • The Software functionalities consider all the project stages until the investment & loan repayment: Project Financial Planning; Monitoring & Verification (M&V);Operation and Maintenance (O&M)


                                                                                                On what principles is based FFGESCO ?


  • The Software quantifies/monetizes the energy savings and CO2 emissions cuts of the Project based on the ESCO's engineering solution/energy feasibility study* . On this base, FFGESCO prepares a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).

  • Depends on each Project's specifics and risk-return profile, the Software supports selecting the best scheme for the Project's funding by combining different financial instruments: equity, interest-bearing debts, grants, etc.

*Note 1: The set of investment measures for reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions and/or RES installation).





                                                                             FINforGREENESCO  Major  Functionalities




  • FFG Converts the ESCO's engineering solution's technical parameters into financial reports.

  • Prepares financial projections: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement for efficient and fast analysis: For the Project itself; For the ESCO; For the Client/Beneficiary

  • Evaluates the bankability of the Project at two levels: of the Project itself  with the determination of the most appropriate project duration and the optimal contract period (ESCO-Client) and the efficiency of the scheme for financing of the Project

  • Prepares the financial plan of the Project (projections and ratios for the period of the Project's investment and loan repayment) for effective and fast decision making by the ESCO` Management

  • With  FFGESCO the user can generate a set of  scenarios according to the Project's specifics and the ESCO's requirements (project term, profitability, own available funds, Client's risk profile, etc.) until identification the Best-Case Scenario for Financing, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance(O&M) of the Project

  • FFGESCO prepares the Financial part of the Business Plan for applying for external financing(Interest Bearing Debt /Investment) if the ESCO needs such for a specific project




                                                                   Time for Processing a Project

Time depends on the number of buildings and the set of investment measures per building.  After training, the average processing time per Project with 1-2 buildings is around one hour.



FINforGREENESCO General Layout 

  • Input project and building data – the information is taken out/derived from:

  • the official energy audit

  • the energy audit/engineering solution prepared by ESCO

  • Input financial & other data

  • Processing of the input data - calculations, projections, scenarios

  • Outputs: Analysis and Reports* Generation:

  • Comprehensive Analytical Reports  for the ESCO's analysts and financial Management

  • Management reports - shorter and easily understandable by the ESCO's Management

Note 2: Type of Reports: Financial, Technical, and Risk Reports




FFGESCO  Applications

  • FFGESCO  Basic – Single project analysis (Development of the analytical functionalities, based on the several modules – Technical, Investment, Financial, Cost-Benefit and Risk Analysis)

  • FFGESCO Pro:  Basic + RES off-site + Creditworthiness of the project participants + forfeiting options + incentives schemes + post-project impact on the project participants' financials.

  • FFGESCO Premium:  Pro + Verification of the project results + Monitoring of the Project until final investment repayment + Management of the portfolio of financed/realized projects


The BASIC version of FFGESCO is available. FFGESCO "PRO" and "PREMIUM"  are under development.  

Software Sales

FFGESCO is web-based Software as a Service (SaaS), i.e., it is easily accessible.

It can be used upon necessity on a subscription fee /per year/per user.

After payment of the subscription fee, the user has access to the Software in hours.



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