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Software for lenders and investors – commercial banks and funds.

FINforGREEN facilitates and fosters lending/investment, substantially reducing the projects` processing time, staff, and transaction cost. It converts the technical parameters of the green projects info financial and evaluates their bankability, adapting the projects to fit the standard underwriting procedures.

FFGBANK verifies the calculations & projections in the borrower's business plan, preparing different scenarios for the project's and a reliable Risk/Return analysis. It structures the most appropriate funding scheme, depending on each project's specifics.

Finally, the Software automatically generates the necessary analyses & reports for all participants in the project, giving the ground for reliable funding decision making.

USERS: Financial and risk analysts, managers, and decision-makers.

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A financial Software for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Mechanism. At the bottom of the ESCO's engineering solution, FFGESCO assesses the projects' bankability, monetizing the energy-saving and CO2 reduction. If the engineering concept is not cost-effective, the Software prepares fast scenarios for finding the best risk-return profile of the project. With the Software, ESCOs improve and grow their business by designing, financing, and realizing more and better energy efficiency and Small-scale RES projects.


If ESCOs need to attract funds to realize their projects, FFGESCO facilitates and speeds up funding procedures, improving the ESCO's access to finance. It prepares the project's financial documentation according to the financial institutions' underwriting process requirements.


FFGESCO is applicable worldwide with minor amendments in the local tax& accounting regulations, if necessary.


USERS: Financial and engineering experts, general managers.


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Software for borrowers seeking direct funding - public and private customers, owners of the assets – cities, SMEs, etc.

Level Portfolio (aggregation of several buildings in a project): Software calculates the preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of each building on the base of the energy audits. Thus  FINforGREENCITY supports the preparation of the strategies of the cities on how to finance their climate change projects, the best way, depending on the city's financial capacity and creditworthiness.

Level single project: FINforGREENCITY prepares bankable projects according to the requirements of the financial institutions: CBA of the recommended investments in the energy audit, fast scenarios, and calculations for finding the best-case option for structuring, financing, and implementation of the project. Prepares the financial part of the business plan, which should be submitted to the bank/fund for funding. 
USERS: Financial experts, technical experts, decision makers.
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Software for public authorities

It considers the cost-effectiveness of the project and confirms/denies its bankability. If the project cannot cover the risk/return requirements of the bank, FINforGREENPUBLIC calculates how much grant should be allocated, so the project covers bankability criteria and becomes attractive for the banks. Thus FINforGREENPUBLIC effectively and transparently distributes public money, guaranteeing their efficient utilization.


USERS: Financial & technical public experts and managers.

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